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  • Nuke Artist

    Eight VFX is currently seeking a Mid to Senior level Nuke Artist with excellent working knowledge and production experience in compositing.  Job responsibilities include working with multiple render passes, a ...
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  • Jr. Flame Artist

    Eight VFX is currently seeking a Junior Flame Artist with excellent communication and organizational skills. Job responsibilities include supporting the Lead Flame in building conforms, delivery aspects and uploads for final ...
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  • Sr. Flame Op

    Eight VFX is currently seeking a Senior Flame Op with a high-level of experience in Autodesk Flame and an excellent understanding of the techniques and technologies related to CG rendering ...
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  • The Spiked Seltzer Mermaid Commercial Immediately Made a Splash – Time

    The first ad to air during Super Bowl LIII made a splash: it was a mermaid-themed commercial for Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, featuring two characters swimming around underwater — aptly named Bonnie and Vivian — ...
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